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LELEAD to the Future 2024

公司拜訪 x 2024全港大專生商業個案比賽 
​Company Visits x Business Case Competition

「LEAD to the Future」是本會自2022年起推行的旗艦工作計劃。根據世界經濟論壇發布的《2023年未來就業報告》,未來技能 (Future Skills) 中,尤其是人工智能,正逐步取代人類的工作。因此,報告提出全球勞動力需要重新培養的關鍵技能,其中前三項分別為「分析思維」、「創造性思維」及「人工智能及大數據」,以避免工作被科技取代。

該工作計劃分為兩個部分︰第一部分是一系列的公司拜訪活動,讓學生能夠更深入了解不同行業公司的運作,並為學生提供與管理層直接對話的機會,增加對商業市場的認識。第二部分則是全港大專學生商業個案比賽。來自全港22間大專院校的全日制學生均可組隊 (4-5人) 參與,就指定商業個案提交計劃書。經過初步遴選,只有不超過十支最優秀的隊伍能夠進入商業個案比賽決賽,並於評審團前即場介紹計劃書內容。

"LEAD to the Future" is a flagship program launched by our Chapter since 2022. According to the "Future of Jobs Report 2023" published by the World Economic Forum, future skills, especially artificial intelligence (AI), are gradually replacing our job. Therefore, the report proposes that the global workforce needs to reskilling critical skills, with the top three being "Analytical thinking", "Creative thinking", and "AI and big data", to prevent work from being replaced by technology.

The program is divided into two parts: The first part is a series of company visits, which allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the operations of companies in different industries, and provide students with the opportunity to have direct conversation with management, increasing their knowledge of the business market. The second part is a business case competition for tertiary students across Hong Kong. Full-time students from 22 local tertiary institutions can form teams (4-5 people) to participate, and submit a proposal for a designated business case. After preliminary screening, only up to 10 of the most outstanding teams will be selected to enter the final round of the business case competition and present their proposals to the judging panel.

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我們希望「LEAD to the Future」計劃能為參加者(包括義工)在領導技能、企業家精神、人生目標和事業發展等方面帶來得著。參加者及義工更有機會認識不同的商界領袖和培訓專家,拓展個人網絡,從而促進個人正面積極的改變。​

We hope that the "LEAD to the Future" program can bring benefits to the participants (including volunteers) in terms of leadership skills, entrepreneurship, ambition, and career development. Participants and volunteers also have the opportunity to meet different business leaders and training experts, expand their personal networks, and thereby create positive change.

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Business Case Competition

Participants interested in joining the business case competition can form their own teams (4 to 5 people). The team leader can first collect the team members' information, and then register the entire team through the following link: [To be announced]

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