Message from the President

On behalf of the 2021 Board of Directors of JCI Island, may I wish you all a fruitful and prosperous year in 2021!


It is my great honour and privilege to become the 2021 President of JCI Island. It provides me with an excellent opportunity to unleash my power to serve members of JCI Island in the year 2021.


"UNITED to GROW" is our slogan this year! 


Sunshine let us grow; Challenges are opportunities for us to rise. If we are UNITED, we can tackle problems and create positive change by empowering our members. Let them be UNITED and GROW as leaders. Just like a bottle of Fine Wine, we GROW better with years. 


We face different challenges together, we have sweet time together, we have hard time together. If we have the same goal, we can unite together and grow together! That is “UNITED to GROW” 


NBA Legendary Player Kobe Bryant once said “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” Therefore, the first priority to inspire our members, know their need, help them grow and improve our members development. I, together with my board of directors, are ready to continue devoting our energy and efforts to construct a harmonious and cohesive chapter environment to attract, unite, connect and to empower our members. 


"Every challenge is an opportunity for us to rise. Be UNITED and GROW as a leader." I am now determined to dedicate my effort on serving my chapter, especially this year must be a fruitful year for JCI Island to have the 55th Anniversary. I believe, if we UNITE to GROW, we must enjoy our new journey and have a successful year.