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Message from the President


It was indeed a difficult period of time in Hong Kong for past three years. The pandemic brought so many changes to our lives, some “new normal” that we must adapt and overcome. Despite the fact that we faced countless challenges these 3 years , Islanders have always remained bold and united in our intention of self-development and our fulfilment of community development.

"Future Talent" is a hot topic nowadays in Hong Kong and it is essential for every youngsters in the changing world. That is why JCI has trained so many outstanding young people who have eventually held key positions in the society. Therefore , “Future Talent" will be one of the key direction of JCI Island in 2023. Our flagship projects : "LEAD to the Future" and "Super Kid Study - Inno Future" will focus on training the future talents in the society covering different generations and promoting future skills to local young people as well as local parents.

Next year slogan is "Islanders Assemble". I aimed to united and connect all islanders to create various meaningful projects and create positive impacts to our society. All islanders will assemble to bring JCI Island to the next level; meanwhile, our members can grow and become the "Future Leader" through doing these projects.

Wish you all the best and Lead to impact in 2023!

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