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Message from the President

“To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”  This sentence should be familiar to all JCI members across the globe as it is the mission of JCI.  With change comes opportunities, no wonder why JCI has trained many different young people who have eventually held key positions in the society.  Of course, it is easy to recite the sentence itself; however, have we thought about the true meaning of the sentence?

In order to allow our members to create positive change, one of the chapter’s focus will be on membership skills development.  The future of talent, we target to have a series of workshops to provide our members with the necessary knowledge and skills, so that they are equipped to be better leaders, not only within the chapter, but also to the outside world.

As a young active citizen, it is our responsibility and passion to create positive changes to our community and society.  The future of serving, we will continue to organise different projects, not only to address some of the sustainable development goals, but also to address some of the social needs and problems in the society.

As someone who lives in one of the big cities in the world, most of us are fortunate enough to have a full-time job, and to earn a living that can fulfill our daily needs and desires.  The future of work, we target to organise business network gatherings, and to have cultural exchange with people from different countries.

Being the third oldest chapter in Hong Kong, JCI Island was founded in 1966.  Although we have over 50 years of history, achieving our mission will not be an easy task, as resources may be relatively limited from a local chapter.  Notwithstanding, I believe that devotion, patience and passion will help us overcome many obstacles.

The slogan for 2019 is “Create a Better Future”, which means we will learn and grow together so that we will be equipped to create change in the future.

Let us Create a Better Future together.


Benjamin LEE
2019 President
JCI Island