Message from the President

IJC Christopher Lam.jpg

On behalf of 2022 board of director of JCI Island, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our warm to all of you. It is my greatest honor to become the 2022 President of JCI Island.


“Make a MOtion” is the slogan of JCI Island in 2022.  MOtivation, Members Opportunities and Island MOment – These are the three MOtions we would like to achieve in 2022.


MOtivation - Many young people stay in their comfort zone and do not realize their potential to become a leader.   As the leader of JCI Island, I would devote my best effort to motivate our members to give a try – to speak up, to learn or even to lead others.


Members Opportunities - Some young people want to change, but they do not have a chance. I would be a good listener to understand the needs of every member and offer membership opportunities for their development. 


Island MOment - It is essential for our members to enjoy their moments with JCI Island. I would unite our members together so that JCI Island will become our second family.   


With JCI Hong Kong’s theme “Be the Change” in 2022, we, JCI Island, will collaborate closely with JCI Hong Kong to deepen our shared vision and mission.  I truly believe that under the leadership of National President Senator Karen Yeung, it will be another fruitful and gratifying year across the JCI community in Hong Kong.