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O! Love SEN Phone是港島青年商會2021年的一個社區發展的工作計劃。自疫情大流行爆發後,各項限制社交距離的政策推出後,不少長者中心的活動都大幅縮減,導致不少獨居長者都只好留在家中。由於缺乏日常的社交接觸,很多獨居長者因而感到寂寞甚至心理上的無助。有見及此,港島青年商會推出O! Love SEN Phone,希望透過這工作計劃聯繫社區中心及青年義工隊,一同透過電話關懷一衆疫情下的獨居老人。O! Love SEN Phone 最後獲聖雅各福群會及香港萬國宣道浸信聯會的支持舉辦,並成功招募到44人的義工隊。

O! Love SEN Phone was the project of the area of Community Development in 2021. Since out-breaking of COVID-19, all social distance policy had became tightened and senior citizens had no choice but stay at home. It is likely that they feel lonely and helpless due to insufficient social interaction. Therefore, JCI Island would like to collaborate with community service centers and volunteer team (mainly college and university students) to show our care and greetings to the senior citizens through the project - O!Love SEN Phone in this difficult time. Finally, the project was collaborated with St. James Settlement and HKABWE, and successfully recruited 44 volunteers.

為了希望在與長者溝通時更能有效表達關懷,在服務前本會及支持機構亦為青年義工隊提供一系列針對與長者溝通技巧的工作坊。 經過約兩個多月的服務,義工隊成功透過電話共超過15,120分鐘的通話時數向250位長者表達關懷。

In order to effectively deliver care to the elderly,  JCI Island and the supporting organisations provided a series of trainings about communications with the elderly for the volunteers before the service. With around two months service,  volunteer team delivered their care to 250 of the elderly with over 15,120 mins.






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