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1981年是聯合國『國際傷殘人士年』。為了推動社會大眾對展能學童的      關注,共同建設和諧共融的社會,港島青年商會在1981年成立   『港島青商展能獎學金』,並特此成立遴選委員會,負責評核有關獎學金之申請,並從中選出若干傑出學生,頒發『傑出展能學童獎』,以表揚其在        學業成績、品行、學校活動及社會服務上具有傑出表現的展能學童。


The year 1981 was proclaimed as the International Year of Disabled Persons.  In 1981, JCI Island has established "The JCI Island Scholarship for the Disabled" for promoting social awareness on the students with disabilities and special education needs as well as building up a harmonious community.  The nomination selection committee has been formed for reviewing the scholarship nomination and selecting eligible outstanding students.  "The Most Outstanding Disabled Student Award" would be awarded to those students with outstanding academic results, conduct, school activities and social services.

The scholarship has been evolving in these decades.  "The Best Progress Award" was first newly introduced in 1993 for recognising those students who have significant improvements in academic results and conduct etc.  In addition, "The Best Integrated Student Award" and "The Caring Integrated Student Award" were then launched in 2001 and 2011 respectively so as to demonstrate our commitment to promoting integrated education.

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