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Lacking of local professions and talent​ in coming years is one of the hot topics in Hong Kong; however, it seems that there are no discussion about what are the criteria of "Talent" in the future. In 2021, a research by the McKinsey Global Institute has explored the future of work in detail. McKinsey defines 56 foundational skills associated with a higher likelihood of employment, higher incomes, and job satisfaction in the future world of work. These skills suggested from McKinsey can probably be one of the criteria of the future talent. 


The “Tiger Parent” has become a worryingly prevalent stereotype in Hong Kong, and the problem appears to be worsening. Parents push their children to attain high levels of academic achievement or success in high-status extracurricular activities such as music or sports. In some extreme cases, kids are overloaded with activities and tutorials 7-day-a-week even in summer holidays. However,  can this method to grow the children becoming a future talent?


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Project Objectives

To understand what are perceived as future skills and future talents from Hong Kong people’s perspective.


To share with Hong Kong parents on the direction of education in different countries and the knowledge of developing talents of next generation.


To provide valuable workshops about future skills to local primary students.


Project Timeline

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